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Simple Made Beautiful

Let me show You ...The most simple things can make things Beautiful ...nothing ...Can Be and IS Something Wonderful!!! I learned so many things from Mother about gardening and caring for living things. She composted daily, grew legendary avocados from her tree, made the best bread and butter pickles, and was an amazing floral designer, to say the least of her many talents. From her I learned how to see the potential in simple things while learning the art of "the devil is in the details"

For this reason I love to re-purpose a broken vase like this one, use flowers from my labors of love in my garden, feel the reward in taking something simple, natural... and creating something that is warm and fantastic. Making gifts something truly special with simple materials, time, creativity, and thought. I think that we can all take this gift giving concept and apply it to our everyday function and mindset. We are simple, beautiful as we are...maybe a little broken... ..but with thoughtfulness and time, we feel appreciated, loved... So in the appreciation of creation... we SIMPLY ARE MADE BEAUTIFUL. Thank God. and that's all there is to it!

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